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Website & Digital Marketing Services

We are a full-stack Branding, Website Development, App Development, Digital marketing and web designing company in Chandigarh with all the expertise you need to build a successful, stable and scalable product. We follow our tried and tested processes that ensures that the product is a marketfit, and hence your marketing and technology partner.
mobile app development & website design company in India offers a comprehensive range of digital solutions for all your online business needs.

Why We Can Offer Unbeatable Value?

Why Choose DJT-Digital

We Create Beautiful, Smart, Professional & Unique Digital Solutions
DJT-Digital understood from the very beginning that their target audience needs to be well positioned in their respective industries to have the greatest chance of success. Small and medium sized businesses in many cases are prepared for this success with one small exception – their budgets. Because of our earlier business successes, we understood that revenue exists in 2 ways. The first is the amount of sales revenue that a business creates. The other is in the effective management of costs. By focusing on the management of costs, DJT-Digital has designed and developed proprietary processes that allow it to service its clients fast, reliably, with better quality of design and programming and at lower costs to the client than any of our competitors could hope to accomplish.

Our Services

DJT-Digital are professional IT service providers in – Software development, Internet Marketing & Website designing development in India. With a well-managed group of young & experienced developers with a strong technical & innovative knowledge, we offer a rich repertoire of IT services & wide range of innovative services.

Web Designing

We create engaging and appealing websites that are enormously user-friendly.

Web Development

We offer building scalable & Secure Web Applications, Portals & Solutions For Your Business.

Digital Marketing

We offer an affordable and effective SEO service.

App Development

Your dream be worth more than a place in your imagery.

E-Commerce Development

We offer end-to-end and B2B e-Commerce solutions.

QA & Testing

Our team makes sure your software solutions fully meet your needs and expectations.

Our Elegant Process

We have always been committed in deploying the best process that not only helps our customers to get the quality results but to make things easier. We understand that our customers do not wish to indulge themselves in technicalities to achieve the result, so we do have a streamlined process understood by everyone.


We dig into the processes, focus, and goals of your company. We learn about the priorities for your new website or app.


We create wireframes to establish a flow of the information. This stage involves creating very basic compositions of the key pages of the website or app.


We design a layout that is ideal for your company and industry. We utilize a responsive design approach so that you can capitalize on all forms of technology and platforms.


Now the solution has been designed, we put the pieces together using variety of technologies, before thoroughly testing & finally launching. DJT-Digital approach is followed with regular reviews.


We’ll take your site or app live to the whole world – doing all the little things that need to be done to launch a product properly. Once launched we spread your message to your targeted customers.